Transforming the way you search with Visual AI

Discover how our Visual AI Platform for fashion and e-commerce is bridging the gap between your catalogue and customers with a Tap.

Our Solutions

As a Part of SAAS offering, we are a one stop Technology Platform for your Ecommerce and Fashion Business, solving problems at the backend operations as well as Consumer end using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with focus on Product Discovery and Personalization.
Automating catalogue tags with visual Intelligence for better SEO indexing and contect search.
AI enabled virtual Trial engine where you try before buying, reducing returns, increasing customer satisfaction and confidence.

How does it look like with Visual AI?

1. Snap a picture of your inspiration or upload from the gallery to search on an ecommerce portal.
2. Of the Many Items Detected, Tap and select the category you want to search.
3. You are presented with identical and most similar items personalized to you.

Why Us

We are a team of AI Experts and Evangelists, providing Visual AI solutions as a part of our SAAS platform with state of art research and engineering with prime focus on the following.


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